The Feature Film Project, presented by the MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival is perfect for anyone who would like to screen and market their feature film through an already established cinema network across the USA.

Between March 5 and 8. 2015, one feature film will debut in cinemas across the United States in the 3rd Annual Feature Film Project. Audiences at each venue will be asked if this film should return to this cinema for a theatrical release in 2015. If the majority vote "yes" then, if the producers choose, the film will return to that cinema for a series of screenings that year.

The Feature Film will be chosen by a panel of Owners/Programers from some of the United States leading Art House Cinemas.

Register your film for the 3rd Annual Feature Film Project
Deadline December 15, 2014.

A list of cinemas that take part in MANHATTAN SHORT events each year

Theatrical release financial information:
Cinemas will retain 50% of Box Office:, Filmmaker/Producers receive 25% of Box Office and MANHATTAN SHORT will receive 25%

Filmmakers/Producers retain 100% of all digital downloads, VOD, DVD and cable TV rights. The Project is about getting a film into cinemas and letting the public discover it and take it to a higher place.

About MANHATTAN SHORT: Each year over 100,000 people attend the MANHATTAN SHORT, the world's first global film festival. With over 300 venues around the world, the same organization has come together to introduce the Feature Film Project.

An Audiences at The Project in 2013
Joining the mailing list and voting at MANHATTAN SHORT 2013

We have the cinemas, we have the audience... the question is, do you have the film?